Site Accessibility

We want everybody to be able to use this website, regardless of disability.

Text Size

The size of the text on this website can be increased or decreased without interfering with the design. If you are using any modern web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome) and have a mouse with a scroll wheel simply hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while scrolling up or down to increase/decrease the text size.

Navigate from the keyboard

You can navigate around this site using access keys. To do this press Alt plus the access key and then press Enter. So for example, Alt+1 followed by Enter will take you to the front page of the site. If you have a Mac computer use Ctrl instead of Alt.

Alt keys you can use:
Alt+1: home page
Alt+2: contact us
Alt+3: our people
Alt+4: our publications
Alt+5: our tests
Alt+6: clinics
Alt+9: skip to content

Viewing on a mobile phone or a screen reader

On a phone or screen reader using the Skip to Content key (Alt+9) to jump through the banners and menus at the top of every page and go straight to the main page content.

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