Recent Publications from the ARC

926: S K Au-Yeung, L Bradley, A E Robertson, R Shaw, S Baron-Cohen, S Cassidy (2018)
Experience of mental health diagnosis and perceived misdiagnosis in autistic, possibly autistic and non-autistic adults
Autism 1362361318818167

925: S C Lazzaro, L Weidinger, R A Cooper, ·S Baron-Cohen, S Moutsiana, ·T Sharot (2018)
Social Conformity in Autism
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 10.1007/s10803-018-3809-1

924: S Carruthers, E Kinnaird, A Rudra, P Smith, C Allison, B Auyeung, B Chakrabarti, A Wakabayashi, S Baron-Cohen, I Bakolis, R A Hoekstra (2018)
A cross-cultural study of autistic traits across India, Japan and the UK
Molecular Autism 9, 52

923: L Camm-Crosbie, L Bradley, R Shaw, S Baron-Cohen, S Cassidy (2018)
'People like me don’t get support’: Autistic adults’ experiences of support and treatment for mental health difficulties, self-injury and suicidality
Autism 29:1362361318816053

922: D M Greenberg, V  Warrier, C Allison, S Baron-Cohen (2018)
Testing the Empathizing-Systemizing theory of sex differences and the Extreme Male Brain theory of autism in half a million people
PNAS 115, 12152-7

921: M C Lai, M V Lombardo, B Chakrabarti, A N Ruigrok, E T Bullmore, J Suckling, B Auyeung, F Happé, P Szatmari, S Baron-Cohen (2018)
Neural self-representation in autistic women and association with 'compensatory camouflaging'

920: D M Greenberg, S Baron-Cohen, N Rosenberg, P Fonagy, P J Rentfrow (2018)
Elevated empathy in adults following childhood trauma

918: L Hull, W Mandy, M-C Lai, S Baron-Cohen, C Allison, P Smith, K V Petrides (2018)
Development and validation of the camouflaging autistic traits questionnaire (CAT-Q)
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 10.1007/s10803-018-3792-6

917: J E A Hughes, J Ward, E Gruffyd, S Baron-Cohen, P Smith, C Allison, J Simner (2018)
Savant syndrome has a distinct psychological profile in autism
Molecular Autism

916: B R Doherty, T Charman, M H Johnson, G Scerif, Gliga T, BASIS Team (2018)
Visual search and autism symptoms: What young children search for and co-occurring ADHD matter
Developmental Science 10.1111/desc.12661

915: S Baron-Cohen (2018)
Genetic studies intend to help people with autism, not wipe them out
New Scientist 2179104

914: S Baron-Cohen (2018)
Review of Reasons to love the F-Word
The Psychologist July 2018 Vol.31 (pp.72)

913: S G Lago, J Tomasik, G F van Rees, J M Ramsey, F Haenisch, J D Cooper, J A Broek, P Suarez-Pinilla, T Ruland, B Auyeug, O Mikova, N Kabacs, V Arolt, S Baron-Cohen, B Crespo-Facorro, S Bahn (2018)
Exploring the neuropsychiatric spectrum using high-content functional analysis of single-cell signaling networks
Molecular Psychiatry 10.1038/s41380-018-0123-4

912: R Holt , J Upadhyay, P Smith, C Allison, S Baron-Cohen, B Chakrabarti (2018)
The Cambridge Sympathy Test: Self-reported sympathy and distress in autism
PLoS ONE 10.1371/journal.pone.0198273

911: C Allison, S Baron-Cohen (2018)
Improving the recognition of autism in children and adults
The Practitioner 2018;262(1815):11-16

Total publications: 15

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