Recent Publications from the ARC

950: R Romero-Garcia, V Warrier, E T Bullmore, S Baron-Cohen, R A Bethlehem (2019)
Synaptic and transcriptionally downregulated genes are associated with cortical thickness differences in autism
Molecular Psychiatry 24, 103-1064

949: S Baron-Cohen, A Tsompanidis, B Auyeung, B Nørgaard-Pedersen, D M Hougaard, M Abdallah, A Cohen, A Pohl (2019)
Fetal oestrogens and autism
Molecular Psychiatry

948: V Warrier, S Baron-Cohen (2019)
Mapping genotype to phenotype in neurodevelopmental copy number variants
The Lancet Psychiatry 6, 45-456

947: E Aydin, R Holt, D Chaplin, R Hawkes, C Allison, G Hackett, T Austin, A Tsompanidis, L Gabis, S I Ziv, S Baron-Cohen (2019)
Fetal Anogenital Distance Using Ultrasound
Prenatal Diagnosis 39, 27-535

946: L H Scholtens, F Agosta, C Alloza, D Arango, B Auyeung, S Baron-Cohen, S Basaia, M J Benders, F Beyer, L Booij, K P Braun (2019)
10Kin1day: A Bottom-Up Neuroimaging Initiative
Frontiers in Neurology 10, 425

945: T Wenhart, RAI Bethlehem, S Baron-Cohen, E Altenmüller (2019)
Autistic traits, resting-state connectivity, and absolute pitch in professional musicians: shared and distinct neural features
Molecular Autism 10, 20

944: A Abu-Akel, C Allison, S Baron-Cohen, D Heinke (2019)
The distribution of autistic traits across the autism spectrum: Evidence for discontinuous dimensional subpopulations underlying the autism continuum
Molecular Autism 10, 24

942: S A Bedford, M T M Park, G A Devenyi, S Tullo, J Germann, R Patel, E Anagnostou, S Baron-Cohen, E T Bullmore, L R Chura, M C Craig, C Ecker, D L Floris, R J Holt, R Lenroot, J P Lerch, M V Lombardo, D G M Murphy, A Raznahan, A N V Ruigrok, E Smith, M D Spencer, J Suckling, M J Taylor, A Thurm, MRC AIMS Consortium, M-C Lai, M M Chakravarty (2019)
Large-scale analyses of the relationship between sex, age and intelligence quotient heterogeneity and cortical morphometry in autism spectrum disorder
Molecular Psychiatry

941: G Bussu, E J H Jones, T Charman, M H Johnson, J K Buitelaar, BASIS Team (2019)
Latent trajectories of adaptive behaviour in infants at high and low familial risk for autism spectrum disorder
Molecular Autism 10, 13

940: F Uzefovsky, R A I Bethlehem, S Shamay-Tsoory, A Ruigrok, R Holt, M Spencer, L Chura, V Warrier, B Chakrabarti, E Bullmore, J Suckling, D Floris, S Baron-Cohen (2019)
The oxytocin receptor gene predicts brain activity during an emotion recognition task in autism
Molecular Autism 10, 12

939: I Pote, S Wang, V Sethna, A Blasi, E Daly, M Kuklisova-Murgasova, S Lloyd-Fox, E Mercure, P Busuulwa, V Stoencheva, T Charman, S C R Williams, M H Johnson, D G M Murphy, G M McAlonan, BASIS Team (2019)
Familial risk of autism alters subcortical and cerebellar brain anatomy in infants and predicts the emergence of repetitive behaviors in early childhood
Autism Research 12, 614-627

938: Q Zhao, D L Neumann, Y Cao, S Baron-Cohen, C Yan, R C K Chan, D H K Shum (2019)
Culture-Sex Interaction and the Self-Report Empathy in Australians and Mainland Chinese
Frontiers in Psychology 10, 396

937: R L Moseley, N J Gregory, P Smith, C Allison, S Baron-Cohen (2019)
A 'choice', an 'addiction', a way 'out of the lost': exploring self-injury in autistic people without intellectual disability
Molecular Autism

936: A Kolesnik, J Begum Ali, T Gliga, J Guiraud, T Charman, M H Johnson, E J H Jones, The BASIS Team (2019)
Increased cortical reactivity to repeated tones at 8 months in infants with later ASD
Translational Psychiatry 9, 46

935: Juan M. Gorriz, Javier Ramirez, F. Segovia, Francisco J. Martinez, Meng-Chuan Lai, Michael V. Lombardo, Simon Baron-Cohen, Mrc Aims Consortium, John Suckling (2019)
A Machine Learning Approach to Reveal the Neuro-Phenotypes of Autisms
International Journal of Neural Systems 29

Total publications: 15

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