Professor Sabine Bahn

Director of Proteomics and Metabolomics

Using mass spectrometry, the Bahn Lab  collaborate with ARC scientists and conducted the first proteomic profiling of Asperger Syndrome (AS), showing distinct profiling in males vs. females with AS.

Key publications

Schwarz, E, Guest P, Rahmoune, H, Wang, L, Levin, Y, Ingudomnukul, E, Ruta, L, Kent, L, Spain, M, Baron-Cohen, S, & Bahn, S, (2011) Sex-specific serum biomarker patterns in adults with Asperger's Syndrome. Molecular Psychiatry,16, 1213-20.

Steeb, H, Ramsey, J, Guest, P, Stocki, P, Cooper, J, Rahmoune, H, Ingudomnukul, E, Auyeung, B, Ruta, L, Baron-Cohen, S, & Bahn, S, (2014) Serum proteomic analysis identifies sex-specific differences in lipid metabolism and inflammation profiles in adults diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Molecular Autism, 5, 4.



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