Professor Ed Bullmore

Director of the Centre for Psychiatric Neuroimaging

Professor Ed Bullmore is Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Cambridge University, Director of Cambridge Neuroscience, and Director of the Brain Mapping Unit in Addenbrooke's Hospital. His work is pioneering in the field of neural connectomics both in relation to autism and other psychiatric conditions. He has worked with the ARC since 1999.

Sample Autism Publications:

Baron-Cohen, S, Ring, H, Wheelwright, S, Bullmore, E, Brammer, M, Simmons, A, & Williams, S, (1999) Social intelligence in the normal and autistic brain: an fMRI study. European Journal of Neuroscience, 11, 1891-1898.

Catani, M, Dell’Acqua, F, Budisavljevic, S, Howells, H, Thiebaut de Schotten, M, Froudist-Walsh, S, D’Anna, L, Thompson, A, Sandrone, S, Bullmore, E, Suckling, J, Baron-Cohen, S, Lombardo, M, Wheelwright, S, Chakrabarti, B, Lai, M-C, Ruigrok, A, Leemans, A, Ecker, C, MRC AIMS Consortium, Craig, M, & Murphy, D, (2016) Frontal networks in adults with autism spectrum disorder. Brain, 139, 616-630.

Chakrabarti, B, Kent, L, Suckling, J, Bullmore, E, & Baron-Cohen, S, (2006) Variations in the human cannabinoid receptor (CNR1) gene modulate striatal response to happy faces. European Journal of Neuroscience, 23, 1944-1948.

Chura, L, Lombardo, M, Ashwin, E, Auyeung, B, Chakrabarti, B, Bullmore, E, T, & Baron-Cohen, S, (2010) Organizational effects of fetal testosterone on human corpus callosum size and asymmetry. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 35, 122-132.

Ecker, C, Ronan, L, Feng, Y, Daly, E, Murphy, C, Ginestet, C, Brammer, M, Fletcher, P, Bullmore, E, Suckling, J, Baron-Cohen, S, Williams, S, Loth, E, MRC AIMS Consortium, & Murphy, D, (2013) The intrinsic grey-matter connectivity of the brain in adults with autism spectrum disorder. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110, 13222–13227.

Holt, R, Chura, L, Lai, M-C, Suckling, J, von dem Hagen, E, Calder, A, Bullmore, E, Baron-Cohen, S, & Spencer, M, (2014) ‘Reading the Mind in the Eyes’: an fMRI study of adolescents with autism and their siblings. Psychological Medicine, 44, 3215–3227.

Lai, M-C, Lombardo, M, Suckling, J, Ruigrok, A, Chakrabarti, B, Ecker, C, Deoni, S, Craig, M, Murphy, D, Bullmore, E, MRC AIMS Consortium, & Baron-Cohen, S, (2013) Biological sex affects the neurobiology of autism. Brain, 136, 2799-2815.

Lombardo, M, Ashwin, E, Auyeung, B, Chakrabarti, Taylor, K, Hackett, G, Bullmore, E, & Baron-Cohen, S, (2012) Fetal testosterone influences sexually dimorphic gray matter in the human brain. Journal of Neuroscience, 32, 674-80.

Ring, H, Baron-Cohen, S, Williams, S, Wheelwright, S, Bullmore, E, Brammer, M, & Andrew, C, (1999) Cerebral correlates of preserved cognitive skills in autism. A functional MRI study of Embedded Figures Task performance.Brain, 122, 1305-1315.

Spencer, M.D, Holt, R.J, Chura, L.R, Calder, A.J, Suckling, J, Bullmore, E.T, Baron-Cohen, S, (2012) Atypical activation during the Embedded Figures Task as a functional magnetic resonance imaging endophenotype of autism. Brain, 135, 3469-3480.

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