Dr Rosa Hoekstra

King's College London

Dr Rosa Hoekstra is a lecturer at King's College London's Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience. After finishing her PhD in Behaviour Genetics at the VU University in Amsterdam, she continued her research through a postdoctoral fellowship at Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. Since 2009 she combines her autism research with teaching in the field of Psychology, first at The Open University (2009-2015) and now at King's College London (2015-present).

Her research interests broadly cover two themes:

i) Furthering the understanding of the heterogeneity of autism, by developing and validating quantitative instruments to assess the variable expression of the autism phenotype and its cognitive characteristics, and exploring the genetic and environmental factors influencing autistic traits using twin and family study designs.

ii) Global perspectives on autism with a specific focus on Africa. In collaboration with colleagues at Addis Ababa University she leads a range of autism studies in Ethiopia, exploring sociocultural factors on autism in Ethiopia, and evaluating the effectiveness of mental health training on increasing autism awareness and general mental health awareness among rural community health workers in Ethiopia.


Please see her King’s College London profile page for her publication list.



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