Professor John Suckling

Professor John Suckling works on neuroimaging in autism and other neuropsychiatric conditions. He co-supervise a number of graduate students in the ARC and is also collaborator on the CHILD (Cambridge Human Imaging Longitudinal Development) study using MRI during pregnancy and the neonatal period, in mothers who have autism.

Sample Autism Publications:

Ecker, C, Ronan, L, Feng, Y, Daly, E, Murphy, C, Ginestet, C, Brammer, M, Fletcher, P, Bullmore, E, Suckling, J, Baron-Cohen, S, Williams, S, Loth, E, MRC AIMS Consortium, & Murphy, D, (2013) The intrinsic grey-matter connectivity of the brain in adults with autism spectrum disorder. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110, 13222–13227.

Ecker, C, Suckling, J, Deoni, S.C, Lombardo, M.V, Bullmore, E.T, Baron-Cohen, S, Catani, M, Jezzard, P, Barnes, A, Bailey, A.J, Williams, S.C, Murphy, D.G, & the MRC AIMS Consortium, (2012) Brain anatomy and its relationship to behavior in adults with autism spectrum disorder: A multicenter MRI study. Archives of General Psychiatry, 69, 195-209.

Lai, M, Lombardo, M, Chakrabarti, B, Ecker, C, Sadek, S, Wheelwright, S, Murphy, D, Suckling, J, Bullmore, E, MRC AIMS Consortium, & Baron-Cohen, S, (2012) Individual differences in brain structure underpin empathizing-systemizing cognitive styles in male adults. Neuroimage, 61, 1347-1354.

Lai, M-C, Lombardo, M, Chakrabarti, B, Sadek, S, Pasco, G, Wheelwright, S, Bullmore, E, Baron-Cohen, S, MRC Aims Consortium & Suckling, J, (2010) A shift to randomness of brain oscillations in people with autism. Biological Psychiatry, 68, 1092-1099.

Lombardo, M, Chakrabarti, B, Bullmore, E, & Wheelwright, S, Sadek, S, Suckling, J, MRC AIMS Consortium & Baron-Cohen, S, (2010) Shared neural circuits for mentalizing about the self and others. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 277, 1623-1635.

Spencer, M, Holt, R, Chura, L, Suckling, J, Calder, A, Bullmore, E, Baron-Cohen, S (2011) A novel functional brain imaging endophenotype of autism: The neural response to facial expression of emotion. Translational Psychiatry, 1, e19.

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