Teresa Tavassoli

My main research interest is sensory processing in Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) which has progressively developed during my studies.

As an undergraduate, I conducted a study on tactile perception in ASC with Professor Uta Frith and Sarah-Jane Blakemore at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (ICN). The research inspired me to conduct further research on sensory processing in ASC. For my doctoral studies I have sought to conduct a systematic study of different senses in ASC. My research investigated sensory processing in ASC using self-report questionnaires, such as the Sensory Profile, as well as psychophysical measures of sensory detection, across multiple sensory modalities (vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste).

For my future research I am very interested in elucidating underlying mechanisms explaining variations in sensory processing in ASD and across the whole population.

I am funded by the Pinsent Darwin Trust and Autistica (formerly Autism Speaks UK).


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