Dwaipayan Adhya

Doctoral Scientist

Dwaipayan (known as Deep) is studying sex steroid physiology in the autistic brain using both post-mortem brain methods and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). In the latter he is modeling neuronal development and gene expression in the autistic brain.

He is co-supervised by Dr Jason Carroll at Cancer Research UK in Cambridge,  Professor Jack Price, Director of the Centre for the Cellular Basis of Behavior at King's College London (KCL), and Dr Mark Kotter at the Laboratory of Regenerative Medicine (LRM), Stem Cell Institute, Cambridge. His advisors include Dr Deepak Srivastava at KCL and Professor Ludovic Vallier (LRM).

The focus of his research is to study transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of genes in autism, specifically to search for mechanisms by which hormones (particularly sex steroids) and related transcriptional/epigenetic factors, contribute to the autism phenotype.


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