Dr Jason Carroll

The Carroll Lab

The Carroll Lab is interested in understanding how Estrogen Receptor (ER) causes gene transcription and how this contributes to breast cancer progression. We are also interested in understanding how breast cancer therapies work and what happens if they fail. We explore this using molecular, genomic and proteomic approaches, with the goal of identifying the critical determinants of tumour progression so that we can develop novel therapies that specifically target them.

When we read the pioneering research about the role of prenatal sex steroid hormones in autism, we started a collaboration with the Autism Research Centre, to give advice on gene expression following testosterone and estrogen administration on neurons derived from people with autism and controls, using induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC).

This work is being conducted by 3 PhD students who I co-supervise  with Professors Simon Baron-Cohen (ARC) and Jack Price (Kingsl College London) and Dr Mark Kotter in Cambridge. These are Dwaipayan Adhya, Aicha Massrali, and Arko Paul, all in the ARC, Department of Psychiatry. The work is funded by scholarships to these 3 students, and by the Autism Research Trust. 


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