Dr Amber Ruigrok

William Binks Fellow in Autism Neuroscience

Amber completed her PhD in the ARC investigating white matter neural differences in males and females with autism using DTI (Diffusion Tensor Imaging). She collaborates with the Institute of Psychiatry in Kings College London as part of the MRC AIMS study. During her PhD she has also investigated how fetal testosterone affects brain structure and function, and conducted the first meta-analysis of sex differences in the brain. She works closely with Dr Meng-Chuan Lai, Professor John Suckling and Dr Mike Lombardo. During her PhD she conducted research in NIMH with Professors Jay Giedd and Armin Raznaham in the Child Psychiatry Branch in Washington DC, to explore sex differences in typical brain in white matter, during development. She was awarded the William Binks Fellowship in Autism Neuroscience to support her postdoc in the ARC investigating the autistic brain.


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