Asperger Syndrome Mass Spectrometry

This study is a collaboration with Dr Sabine Bahn's group at the Institute of Biotechnology in Cambridge. Blood samples from individuals with Asperger Syndrome have been compared to controls, testing every known protein using Mass Spectrometry. Proteins that differ significantly have been followed up with measures of actual levels, using ELIZA techniques.


Selected References

593: H Steeb, J M Ramsey, P C Guest, P Stocki, J D Cooper, H Rahmoune, E Ingudomnukul, B Auyeung, L Ruta, S Baron-Cohen, S Bahn (2014)
Serum proteomic analysis identifies sex-specific differences in lipid metabolism and inflammation profiles in adults diagnosed with Asperger syndrome
Molecular Autism 5:4

484: E. Schwarz, P. Guest, H. Rahmoune, L. Wang, Y. Levin, E. Ingudomnukul, L. Ruta, L.Kent, M. Spain, S. Baron-Cohen, S. Bahn (2011)
Sex-specific serum biomarker patterns in adults with Asperger's Syndrome
Molecular Psychiatry 16:1213-1220

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