Research Opportunities

PhD and MPhil Studentships

The ARC welcomes applications from prospective PhD and MPhil students who wish to pursue a research degree in the field of autism spectrum conditions. We are interested to hear from people whose interests centre on biomedical aspects, or who wish to extend any of the projects already underway in the ARC.

Applicants are welcome to email a potential supervisor directly with a brief research proposal and and CV. Places are only awarded following an interview in Cambridge, and after a formal application to the Board of Graduate Studies.

Funding in the form of doctoral studentships is available competitively via the Department of Psychiatry, and applicants are also encouraged to apply for their own funding from interested charitable or governmental bodies.

Advice about the process of submitting a formal application for a PhD or MPhil in the Department of Psychiatry is available by email from the Graduate Education Administrator, Adisa Pamukcic on [email protected]

Postdoctoral Scientists

The ARC welcomes applicants from postdoctoral scientists in the field of biomedical and cognitive neuroscience aspects of autism spectrum conditions. Applicants should email the Director of the ARC directly with a research proposal, and should also consider applying to relevant charities or governmental bodies for grant support.

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