ARC test translations: terms and conditions

Translations of tests produced by the ARC are posted up on the ARC website on the understanding that the translation is based closely on the original version published in the English language. The ARC takes no responsibility for the quality of the translation, which lies with the translator. We encourage translators to use back-translation by native speakers as a way of checking the quality, but the ARC cannot help with this process due to lack of resources.

Researchers who use a translated test and discover errors are encouraged to contact the translator directly to suggest corrections. It is hoped that translators will send in revised or corrected translations over time, if necessary.

Intellectual property ownership of tests developed by the ARC rests with the University of Cambridge and the researchers/staff it employs who developed the test. Permission to translate a test is granted by the ARC as author-permission, and it is up to the translator to seek permission from the journal where the test was first published in English if they also wish to obtain the publisher-permission.

In many cases, copyright of the test may rest with the publisher. Translations are posted on the ARC website for use for free by researchers world-wide.

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