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The Cambridge Autism Research Centre carries out research studies into autism, Asperger Syndrome (AS) and other conditions on the autism spectrum. Many of the research projects at ARC would be impossible without the help of volunteers like you!

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The mission of the ARC is to understand the biomedical causes of autism spectrum conditions, and develop new and validated methods for assessment and intervention. The ARC fosters collaboration between scientists in Cambridge University and outside, to accelerate this mission.

Recent ARC Press Releases

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome are more likely to have a child with autism

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are more likely to have an autistic child, according to an analysis of NHS data carried out by a team at Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. The research is published today in the journal Translational Psychiatry.

Recent ARC Publications

 The truth about Hans Asperger's Nazi collusion

S Baron-Cohen

Autistic Traits in Treatment-Seeking Transgender Adults

A Nobili, C Glazebrook,  · W P Bouman, D Glidden, S Baron-Cohen, C Allison,  · P Smith, J Arcelus

Letter to the Editor: EU-AIMS Longitudinal European Autism Project (LEAP): the autism twin cohort

J Isaksson, K Tammimies, J Neufeld, É Cauvet, K Lundin, J K Buitelaar, E Loth, D G M Murphy, W Spooren, S Bölte, the EU-AIMS LEAP group

Did Hans Asperger actively assist the Nazi euthanasia program?

S Baron-Cohen, A Klin, S Silberman, J D Buxbaum

The EU-Emotion Voice Database

A Lassalle, D Pigat, H O’Reilly, S Berggen, S Fridenson-Hayo, S Tal, S Elfström, A Råde, O Golan, S Bölte, S Baron-Cohen, D Lundqvist

Adaptive Behaviour and Cognitive Skills: Stability and Change from 7 Months to 7 Years in Siblings at High Familial Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder

E Salomone, E Shephard, B Milosavljevic, M H Johnson, T Charman, BASIS Team

Genome-wide analyses of self-reported empathy: correlations with autism, schizophrenia, and anorexia nervosa

V Warrier, R Toro, B Chakrabarti, the iPSYCH-Broad autism group, A D Børglum, J Grove, the 23andMe Research Team, D A Hinds, T Bourgeron, S Baron-Cohen

Empathizing-Systemizing cognitive styles: Effects of sex and academic degree

R Kidron, L Kaganovskiy, S Baron-Cohen

Cortical responses before 6 months of life associate with later autism

 S Lloyd-Fox, A Blasi, G Pasco, T Gliga, E J H Jones, D G M Murphy, C E Elwell, T Charman, M H Johnson, BASIS Team

Rare variants in axonogenesis genes connect three families with sound-color synesthesia

A K Tilot, K S Kucera, A Vino, J E Asher, S Baron-Cohen, S E Fisher

Prediction of Autism at 3 Years from Behavioural and Developmental Measures in High-Risk Infants: A Longitudinal Cross-Domain Classifier Analysis

G Bussu, E J H Jones, T Charman, M H Johnson, J K Buitelaar, the BASIS Team

Genetic contribution to ‘theory of mind’ in adolescence

V Warrier, S Baron-Cohen

Developmental change in look durations predicts later effortful control in toddlers at familial risk for ASD

A Hendry, E J H Jones, R Bedford, T Gliga, T Charman, M H Johnson, the BASIS Team

Child, Maternal and Demographic Factors Influencing Caregiver-Reported Autistic Trait Symptomatology in Toddlers

D A Goh, D Gan, J Kung, S Baron-Cohen, C Allison, H Chen, S M Saw, Y S Chong, V S Rajadurai, K H Tan, P C L Shek, F Yap, B F P Broekman, I Magiati

The impact of maternal incarceration on their daughter's empathy

N D Thomson, H San Kuay, S Baron-Cohen, G J Towl

Digit ratio (2D:4D) and circulating testosterone, oestradiol, and progesterone levels across the menstrual cycle

G Richards, M Klimek, G Jasienska, U Marcinkowska

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