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The Cambridge Autism Research Centre carries out research studies into autism, Asperger Syndrome (AS) and other conditions on the autism spectrum. Many of the research projects at ARC would be impossible without the help of volunteers like you!

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The mission of the ARC is to understand the biomedical causes of autism spectrum conditions, and develop new and validated methods for assessment and intervention. The ARC fosters collaboration between scientists in Cambridge University and outside, to accelerate this mission.

Recent ARC Press Releases

Does your empathy predict if you would stop and help an injured person?

A team of psychologists at the University of Cambridge has conducted a social psychology experiment to test the theory that an individual’s level of empathy influences their behaviour. The results of their preliminary study, dubbed “The Trumpington Road Study” and published in the journal Social Neuroscience, suggest that this theory is correct.

Recent ARC Publications

Imaging Sex/Gender and Autism in the Brain: Etiological Implications

M-C Lai, J Lerch, D Floris, A Ruigrok, A Pohl, M Lombardo & S Baron-Cohen

Investigating Diagnostic Bias in Autism Spectrum Conditions: An Item Response Theory Anaylsis of Sex Bias in the AQ-10

A Murray, C Allison, P Smith, S Baron-Cohen, T Booth & B Auyeung

Repetition Suppression and Memory for Faces is Reduced in Adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions

M Ewbank, P Pell, T Powell, E von em Hagen, S Baron-Cohen, A Calder

Dyspraxia and autistic traits in adults with and without autism spectrum conditions

S Cassidy, P Hannant, T Tavassoli, C Allison, P Smith & S Baron-Cohen

Unsupervised data-driven stratification of mentalizing heterogeneity in autism

M Lombardo, M-C Lai, B Auyeung, R Holt, C Allison, P Smith, B Chakrabarti, A Ruigrok, J Suckling, E Bullmore, MRC AIMS Consortium, C Ecker, M Craig, D Murphy, F Happé & S Baron-Cohen

On the Brain Structure Heterogeneity of Autism: Parsing out Acquisition Site Effects With Significance-Weighted Principal Component Analysis

F J Martinez-Murcia, M-C Lai, J M Górriz, J Ramírez, A Young, S Deoni, C Ecker, M Lombardo, MRC AIMS Consortium, S Baron-Cohen, D Murphy, E Bullmore & J Suckling

Does empathy predict altruism in the wild?

R Bethlehem, C Allison, E van Andel, A Coles, K Neil, S Baron-Cohen

Genetics of Mathematical Aptitude

V Warrier, S Baron-Cohen

Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia Is Not Associated with Heightened Empathy, and Can Occur with Autism

S Baron-Cohen, E Robson, M-C Lai, C Allison

Improving effect size estimation and statistical power with multi-echo fMRI and its impact on understanding the neural systems supporting mentalizing

M Lombardo, B Auyeung, R Holt, J Waldman, A Ruigrok, N Mooney, E Bullmore, S Baron-Cohen, P Kundu

Factor Structure of the Bulgarian CAST: (Childhood Autism Spectrum Test)

M Vulchanova, L Djalev, M Stankova, V Vulchanov, C Allison, S Baron-Cohen

Atypical lateralization of motor circuit functional connectivity in children with autism is associated with motor deficits

D Floris, A Barber, M B Nebel, M Martinelli, M-C Lai, D Crocetti, S Baron-Cohen, J Suckling, J Pekar, S Mostofsky

Impaired communication between the motor and somatosensory homunculus is associated with poor manual dexterity in Autism Spectrum Disorder

A Thompson, D Murphy, F Dell’Acqua, C Ecker, G McAlonan, H Howells, S Baron-Cohen, M-C Lai, M Lombardo, M Catani

The Autism-Spectrum Quotient in Siblings of People With Autism

E Ruzich, C Allison, P Smith, H Ring, B Auyeung, S Baron-Cohen

Default Mode Hypoconnectivity Underlies a Sex-Related Autism Spectrum

R Ypma, R Moseley, R Holt, N Rughooputh, D Floris, L Chura, M Spencer, S Baron-Cohen, J Suckling, E Bullmore, M Rubinov

Expressive Visual Text-To-Speech as an Assistive Technology for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions

S. A. Cassidy, B. Stenger, L. Van Dongen, K. Yanagisawa, R. Anderson, V. Wan, S. Baron-Cohen, R. Cipolla

Subgrouping Siblings of People with Autism: Identifying the Broader Autism Phenotype

E Ruzich, C Allison, P Smith, P Watson, B Auyeung, H Ring, S Baron-Cohen

Psychometric Evaluation of the 'Reading the Mind in the Eyes' Test with Samples of Different Ages from a Polish Population

K Jankowiak-Siuda, S Baron-Cohen, W Bialaszek, A Dopierala, A Kozlowska, K Rymarczyk

Reduced Volume of the Arcuate Fasciculus in Adults with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Conditions

R Moseley, M Correla, S Baron-Cohen, Y Shtyrov, F Pulvermüller, B Mohr

Identification and validation of biomarkers for autism spectrum disorders

E. Loth, W. Spooren, L. Ham, M. Isaac, C. Auriche-Benichou, T. Banaschewski, S. Baron-Cohen, K. Broich, S. Bolte, T. Bourgeron, T. Charman, D. Collier, F. de Andres-Trelles, S. Durston, C. Ecker, A. Elferink, M. Haberkamp, R. Hemmings, M. Johnson, E. Jones, O. Khwaja, S. Lenton, L. Mason, V. Mantua, A. Meyer-Lindenberg, M. Lombardo, L. O'Dwyer, K. Okamoto, G. Pandina, L. Pani, A. Persico, E. Simonoff, S. Tauscher-Wisniewski, J. Llinares-Garcia, S. Vamvakas, S. Williams, J. Buitelaar, D. Murphy

Typical magnitude and spatial extent of crowding in autism

J Freyberg, C Robertson, S Baron-Cohen

Testosterone reduces functional connectivity during the ‘Reading the Mind in the Eyes’ Test

P. Bos, D. Hofman, E. Hermans, E. Montoya, S. Baron-Cohen, J. van Honk

Intact priors for gaze direction in adults with high-functioning autism spectrum conditions

P. Pell, I. Mareschal, A. Calder, E. von dem Hagen, C. Clifford, S. Baron-Cohen, M. Ewbank

Brief Report: The Go/No-Go Task Online: Inhibitory Control Deficits in Autism in a Large Sample

F. Uzefovsky, C. Allison, P. Smith, S. Baron-Cohen

Relationship Between Cortical Gyrification, White Matter Connectivity, and Autism Spectrum Disorder

C. Ecker, D. Andrews, F. Dell’Acqua, E. Daly, C. Murphy, M. Catani, M. Thiebaut de Schotten, S. Baron-Cohen, M.C. Lai, M.V. Lombardo, E.T. Bullmore, J. Suckling, S. Williams, D.K. Jones, A. Chiocchetti, the MRC AIMS Consortium, D.G.M. Murphy

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