Ezra Aydin

Doctoral Scientist

Ezra is studying fetal development and later infant development in autistic mothers or mothers who already have a child with autism through ultrasound. She had recruited mothers with and without autism during pregnancy, and then will observe development using not only their routine ultrasound measures but also with a dedicated research ultrasound at 26-30 weeks gestation with later infant follow ups. She is being co-supervised by Dr Topun Austin, Perinatal Obstetrics Consultant at the Rosie Hospital and Director of the Evelyn Perinatal Imaging Centre in Cambridge, and Dr Gerald Hackett, Consultant in Obstetrics at the Rosie Hospital in Cambridge. She is also a Research Assistant on the CHILD (Cambridge Human Infant Longitudinal Development) Study funded by the Autism Research Trust that is testing brain development in infants and toddlers whose mothers have autism, and who are themselves at risk for developing autism. 

Prior to coming to Cambridge she obtained experience in research into ultrasound scanning during her MSc in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at Durham University. She was also employed at the University of Oxford as a research assistant in the Department of Psychiatry, working with Professor Alan Stein, and to Dr Reissland at the University of Durham.


Reissland, N., Francis, B., Aydin, E., Mason, J., & Schaal, B. (2013) The development of anticipation in the fetus: A longitudinal account of human fetal mouth movements in reaction to and anticipation of touch. Developmental Psychobiology, doi: 10.1002/dev.21172.

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